Unical MRO

Aviation Maintenance Technicians Day

May 24, 2019 - Unical's two 145 repair stations (Unical 145 and Unical MRO) celebrated our dozens of Aviation Maintenance Technicians for all the talented work they do.

May 24th marks the birthday of Charles Taylor, the Wright Brother's mechanic, and as such it has become Aviation Maintenance Technician Day. Unical's two 145 Repair Stations (Unical 145 and Unical MRO) marked the day with events celebrating all our great Aviation Maintenance Technicians.


Unical 145 has an Aero Structures Shop, Landing Gear shop, and Accessories shop and employs dozens of aircraft mechanics. The team gathered to recognize each other and 'years of service' stickers were handed out to all. Unical MRO performs A-C checks, repairs, borescope inspections, and aircraft disassembly. Our many aircraft mechanics working there also celebrated the day and enjoyed the recognition from their peers for all their skilled work.


Born in an Illinois log cabin in 1868, Charles Edward Taylor started work at age 12 as a newspaper binder. He became a toolmaker and in his mid-20’s he moved to Dayton, Ohio with his wife and child. There he began working as a bicycle mechanic and builder for the Wright Brothers. Needing a light but powerful engine that wasn’t available off the shelf to power their airplane, the Wrights turned to Taylor. Based on their rough sketches, Taylor designed and built the aluminum-copper water-cooled engine in 6 weeks. The specs called for an engine that could produce 8 horsepower, and Taylor’s generated 12 hp. And the rest, as they say, is history.


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