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Mission Flight

Unical's UH-60 'Super 65' restoration. Displayed at 160th SOAR 25th anniversary of the Battle of Mogidisu memorial event at JSOC, Ft. Bragg, NC.

Mission Flight is an organization of volunteers that dedicate their time to fly medically ill patients to critically needed appointments within our country and in many cases, out to impoverished areas of Mexico. For this event at the San Gabriel Valley Airport, children were given an opportunity to take a 15-20 flight, not just as a passenger but from the co-pilot seat! 


The program's goal is to instill a love of aviation and show that if you can help fly a plane, any other goal you set your mind to is achievable as well. Unical volunteers cheered youth as they walked down the red carpet and into the plane. Some kids needed no encouragement to climb aboard, while some also saw this as an opportunity to learn to conquer their fears.  But across the board, when each child returned from their flight their face was filled with joy, knowing they had accomplished their goal.

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